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Efficiently manage your vacation rental company!
~ Management Software for the Overnight Vacation Rental Industry ~
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Vacation Reservation Management Software ~ Featuring Really Real-Time Online Booking
Cut costs and streamline your operations!

  • What: Software installed on a machine at your location, assuming you manage vacation rentals for a living and you want to expand your services, streamline operations, and customize your business model.
    We license our system by the unit, so call us and lets talk about your company's needs.
  • You'll Need: A web server, a static IP at the server location, and the desire to run your business in an ethical, professional manner.
    No experience necessary ~ but common sense is required. Every install includes expert system configuration (because if your network is crappy, it makes our software look bad).
  • You'll Like: Getting to choose your own credit card services vendor, getting to call for support whenever you or your employees need it (our support is only $1000/year), and totally optional support and updates just to name a few things.
    If you do opt for support, we're there 25/8/366.
  • By Whom: Eddie Nelson has been in your business.
    He knows what it's like to be yelled at over a television channel, stare at the same screen all day, decipher a housekeeper's bill, and be under pressure to finish owner statements.
    Browse on for more information!
    ~ Installed for Security ~
    ~ Web Based for Convenience ~

    TCSReservations trust accounting will write your owners' checks, vendor checks (your company, trip insurance vendors, contractors, etc.), and tax checks. In addition to extreme accounting, also enjoy intuitive housekeeping/work orders, in-depth marketing tracking and analysis, and really-real time bookings in-house and online!

    Use TCSReservations to thoroughly track your escrow account and QuickBooks (or Peachtree, etc.) to track your operating account!

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    January 31, 2008
    "I am writing this letter to commend The Company Software, known better to us as TCS, for their outstanding customer service and product development. This vacation rental management software has allowed us to expand our services, streamline operations, and customize our business model. The ease of use, coupled with simple data entry, make it a perfect fit for our Housekeeping, Maintenance, and Front Office departments.

    Having used similar software in the past, TCS is much more user friendly and easier to navigate. It is refreshing to partner with a software company that understands the vacation industry and is willing to go the extra mile to meet my company’s needs."

    Ben Hughes
    Colonial Properties more of what Ben Hughes at and other end-users say about us!

    FREE ! ~ Tips to Increase Your
    Vacation Rental Company Profits

    If you are managing an overnight vacation reservation rental company, these tips are geared towards helping you profitably operate your business ~ even if you're not using software!

    It's printer friendly!

    You DO NOT have to register or use our management software to benefit from these GREAT time-saving, money-making, money-saving insights into your rental home operations.

    Features List!
    An easy-to-read bulleted list designed to let you quickly assess if TCSReservations Version 5.2 is a MATCH for your company!
    ~ Easy Remote-In Demo! ~
    Contact us for
    a Username and Password!

    Not Cheap, But Quite A Bargain.

    LEARN MORE about managing your vacation rental business with software that "knows what you need before you need it"!

    You CAN LOVE your vacation rental management software!
    Your rental property management software is too critical to run on web based software! We care about the integrity, security, and availability of your important reservation, card holder, and accounting data. Our installed system is combined with a powerful web interface!

    • Are you worried about the auditor or the revenuer steppin' in your door?

    • Are you sick of spending SO much time preparing owners' statements? Taxes? Vendor payables?

    • Would your operation be more efficient if maintenance was linked to accounting or everything was linked to group bookings?

    • Do you wish all the aspects of your business communicated with each other?

    • Do you feel that you have to pay too many employees considering your business volume?

    • Have your unit owners been wanting to HELP you book their unit?

    • Are you unafraid of technology and willing to meet a list of system requirements?

    • Do you wish your employees were happy and not frustrated with your current technology?

    • Would you have fewer headaches over double-bookings if you had some serious REALLY real-time online booking?
    Step back and take a long, unemotional look at your business while you are thinking about these questions.

    Call us. 865-654-4282. And ~ within just a few minutes, you will know and/or we will know if you are ready for TCSReservations to take your rental company to a new level.

  • Make sense out of the
    The PCI-DSS Compliancy Freight Train!
    "It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is the most adaptable to change." ~ Biologist, Charles Darwin


    Where are you on the globe?Vacation rental management software for around the world!
    We handle Value Added Tax (VAT) Rules! Your currency is NO problem! Our demo is set up for MM/DD/YY, but it's a breeze to switch to the European format.

    Call us for a demo appointment!

    You need a server in your office to run our system. Currently, our favorite entry-level server is a nice little Systemax i3 VLS Foundation Server / Intel® Second Generation Core™ i3 2100 3.1GHz processor / 2x500GB RAID 1 Enterprise Drives / 4GB DDR3 / 2xGigabit LAN / Windows Server Foundation 2008 R2 installed ...

    25/8/366 Support!
    (That's no lie.)

    An Excerpt From the Mailbag
    Fri 3/2/2007

    "We couldn’t function without TCS now, nor would we want to. Anyone with questions or concerns about the functions or features of The Company Software can feel free to contact us anytime. We proudly and wholeheartedly endorse their product with absolutely no reservations…actually, we have a lot of reservations, but they all came in through our new online reservations system thanks to TCS."

    John and Jennifer Rulapaugh

    Read John's ENTIRE testimonial along with comments from other end-users!

    Are your reservation records critical data? Is your internet service up-time 100%? Would you run your QuickBooks or PeachTree (or whatever operating account software you are using) as web-based?

    ...No? ...Yes?
    ...You're Not Sure?

    Presenting for your perusal a "Silver Paper" spelling out the differences (in plain English) between a web-based/hosted reservation system and an installed reservation system.

    Put your rental business at the tip of your fingers no matter how far back you've archived!
    Vacation Rental Managment Filing System, Copyright 2008 by Eddie Nelson
    This filing system is FREE to you ~ to help you get organized, no matter how many rental units you have on your program! Big or small ~ this filing system loves 'em all!

    Thank you, Grizz and Lynn, for this fabulous weather widget! And we so appreciate your business!
    ~ ...felt your pain ~ didn't like it ~ tryin' to fix it. ~ Rental Reservation Software written by Eddie Nelson who has been in your shoes and had to personally deal with your issues.
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    Call ~ 865.654.4282 ~ for a demonstration.
    (Lookin' is free.)

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    Meet the Author and Programmer:
    Eddie Nelson
    Author, Programmer,
    Professional Tourist

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