Vacation Rental Management Software.

Vacation Rental Management Software Features and Benefits

Real Time Online Bookings and an Amazing Array of Automated Features and Reports

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Vacation Rental Management Software Features and Benefits

* Network Friendly
* Web Friendly
* User Friendly
* Report Friendly
* Export Friendly
* EASY Rate Setup and Maintenance
* No limit to pictures, text, or number of accounts and vendors
* Many drop-down views and filters
* Multi-level security settings
* Engaging and easy screens and prompts
* Detailed marketing analysis
* Organized by Unit, rather than Owner
* TCS is all-inclusive ~ hardware turn-key systems available
* Priced by the unit
* Purchase or lease
* Secure Payment Card Handling
* Really Real-time Online Booking
* A Software Company That Responds To Your Needs
* Use TCSReservations to thoroughly track your escrow account and
QuickBooks (or Peachtree, etc.) to track your operating account!


* Book from Calendar or Search view
* Incredibly EASY Group Booking and Tracking
* Easily added Guest Packages
* Email or fax confirmations from TCS
* Color-coded Confirmed, Tentative, Owner, Guest (stranger) of Owner, Complimentary and Blocked Reservation Types
* Easy Look-Up by reservation number or last name or phone number
* Detailed Client Ledger for each reservation
* Check a Box to add Trip Insurance
* Drop-down pick list for easy calculations with current specials
* Track travel agents
* Customize Guest Deductions by Unit
* Notes required upon Cancel
* Track status of Confirmations Printed, and print individually or as a batch
* Easily sort reservation records by Arrival and Departure dates, and also Due In and Due Out
* Email confirmation packages (confirmation plus credit card slip, directions, etcetera)and beautiful customized letters directly from the program
* Owners Can Easily Book their Own Units Online

Online Booking

* Real-Time online calendars
* Directly interfaces with the main database
* Your data resides in Your office
* Accurately Calculates and Applies Customized Specials and Minimum Nights
* Charge Pet Fees Online
* Track Web Advertising That Results in Bookings!
* Add your own Header and Footer to customize the templates
* Other Online pages include Request A Brochure and Current Specials
* Request A Brochure address information is stored in the Client Database
* This is your 25/8/366 Employee


* To Do, Pending, and Completed tracking filters for Work Orders
* Easily No Charge, or Bill to Owner and send the charge to the Owner's Statement
* Block units on the calendar for Maintenance from the Unit's Detail
* Mark a Work Order to alert the front desk at check-in of its status
* Automatic Tracking of Work Order Type to Alert you to a Pattern
* Email Work Orders to Owners and/or Vendors as they are generated

Property Data

* Supports multiple owners, with equal or unequal interests, and generates a commensurate payment for each
* Detailed tracking of contract dates, insurance details and household items under warranty
* Warranty List in Unit Detail also displays when a Work Order is generated for that unit
* No limit to the number of Amenities added to each unit
* No Limit to the number of Pictures added to each unit
* Customize Pet Fees per Unit
* Automatically Charge Owner Cleaning Fees (that YOU set) to the Owners Account for an Owner Stay

Rental Management Software Accounting

* Track Guest Prepayments, Check-in Payments, Owner Accounts, Tax Accounts, Credit Card Fees, Work Orders and Vendor Payables (your company is a Vendor) ~ and anything else relating to an escrow account
* Many Balancing Tools to Keep You Ready for the Auditor!
* Print checks to Owners, Vendors, and Tax Authorities directly from TCS
* Everything can be Manager-Adjusted prior to POSTING checks
* Click a button to forfeit part of a deposit, and then generate the refund check for the balance
* All Accounting Screens have Full Exportability
* Generates 1099's to Vendors and Owners
* Collates, collects and processes any type of pre-defined tax mils, and applies designated taxes to the Owner, Vendor or Guest
* Highly customizable (create your own) and easy to organize Chart of Accounts
* Click a button to add pre-defined Owner Deductions to an owner's account
* Easily add one-time charges to an Owner's Account
* Balance Forward while retaining items in the system
* Current Owner's Statement is always reflected in each Unit's Detail
* Click a button to generate a Profit and Loss statement for each Unit
* Click another button to generate a CHECK TO YOUR TRIP INSURANCE VENDOR! Yes, it's THAT easy!
* Expenses and CORRECTIONS automatically post to the correct Owner’s Account, Vendor Payables Account, or Taxes Account

Vacation Rental Marketing

* Pie Chart showing source by percentages
* Data Chart detailing revenue by source
* Checked Out Names and addresses are added to the Client List Database
* Dynamic Client List Database generates Printable Mailing Labels
* Request A Brochure Form is included with Online Booking ~ names and addresses route directly to the Client List Database after being marked as Sent
* Mass Email Marketing built right in TCSReservations! Or, export your list to your SmartMailer or other mail-marketing program.
* Pushbutton Tracking and Billing for Third Party Vendors (e.g. Expedia, Travelocity, the wedding vendors, etc.)


* Reservation file constantly checks against the Housekeeping Report
* Print schedules by vendor or vendor's employees
* Separate, but integrated, Hot Tub schedule
* Linen requirements predefined by Unit print out with schedule
* Housekeeping notes in each Reservation Detail print out on the schedule
* Current schedule view selected by dates includes next reservation
* Housekeepers or Housekeeping Contractors can check and update their Schedules From the Web, with a userid and password that YOU assign
* Detailed Unit Inventory can be printed with the Housekeeper's Schedule, either in-house OR from their Web Interface