Stop foolin' around with your website!

  • Can you access the internal workings of your website? If you were mad at your webmaster, could you fire that person and hire another? If the answer is ďNoĒ because you DO NOT HAVE YOUR PASSCODES, then you might as well go buy a car and give the keys to the salesman. You can call the salesman anytime you need to be driven around in YOUR car. Yes, this is ridiculous.

  • Look, you donít have to know ANYTHING about how your website works to be the boss of it. But you do need the passcodes to be the boss of it. How can you fire a renegade webmaster if you canít change the password and lock him or her out of your business? DONíT BE BULLIED by technobabble. You have common sense and you should use it. You have every right to that vital information.

  • Better yet, get your OWN account (itís super easy) and hand out the passcodes, YOURSELF, as you see fit.

    Don't be bad to your online booking!

    We make our raw templates available to your webmaster (if you have one) ~ But, consider this: Cameron really gets it about building websites to book units and he's really fast. He also doesn't try to techno-babble you into believing crazy things.

    Call him. He's almost always home working. 205-358-7420 Central Time.

    Websites that use our software hooked up by Cameron (not necessarily designed by him):
    (online booking, only ~ this is an eight-story condo building in downtown Athens, GA)
    (this one was actually designed and TOTALLY automated by Cameron for this 20 unit company)
    (mostly his design ~ online booking with some special coding because of the Las Vegas properties)
    (NOT his design ~ but he did build the site from scratch)
    (somewhat his design ~ and online booking)
    (an automated companion site using the same data as the one above)
     (a European site ~ this one was designed in Corel Draw by the site owner)
    (online booking, only)
    (online booking, only)
     (under construction, but soon to be released)

    and, also for instance:
     (a multi-player gaming site for another client ~ his design, and a great showcase for his PHP talent)

    Posted by Tina Nelson
    January 2008