Resume of
Edward Van Nelson

Eddie Nelson

            To write and deploy software for the overnight rental vacation (and peripheral) industry that anticipates and deals with the special issues faced by this unique segment of the business population.  In other words, I feel their pain and I'm working hard to make their jobs easier with specialized software.


Programming Skills:
Ø      Borland Delphi 1.6, Desktop 2.0, 4, 5, 6 (Professional and Enterprise versions), Delphi 2006 and 2007
Ø      Pascal,
Ø      Turbo Pascal,
Ø      Btrieve,
Ø      Fortran,
Ø      HTML,
Ø      SQL,
Ø      Microsoft Basic
Ø      Shift4 Payment Gateway Certification
Ø      Web Services.
Networking Skills:
Ø      Novell NetWare 2.x, 3.x, 4.x,
Ø      Windows NT 4.0 Server, Windows 2000 Advanced Server, Windows 2003 Server,
Ø      Microsoft Active Directory,
Ø      Microsoft Exchange 2000,
Ø      Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS) 5 and 6,
Ø      Website Hosting and Administration,
Ø      Routing and Remote Access,
Ø      DHCP,
Ø      DNS,
Ø      Windows for Workgroups,
Ø      Artisoft Lantastic,
Ø      Windows 95~98~2000~ME~XP Pro~Freakin' Vista,
Ø      Category 5e Wiring.
Hardware Skills:
Ø      SonicWall Total Secure Firewall,
Ø      Avaya Merlin Magix PBX Phone System,
Ø      High-Performance Computer assembly, Trouble-shooting and Repair,
Ø      Basic Industrial Automation Controls.


Central Christian School, Robertsdale AL.        First through Seventh Grade.  Studies included grammar, history, math, science, physical education and bible studies.
Foley High School, Foley, AL.              Seventh Grade through Twelfth.  Studies included advanced math, biology, chemistry, grammar, literature, physical education, history.  Graduated 1986
Faulkner State Junior College, Bayminette AL.  1 Yr. General Studies included, Biology, Trigonometry, English, History, Computer Science (MS Basic programming and computer applications).
The University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa AL.                  1 Yr.  Working towards Marine Biology Degree.  Studies included Chemistry, Biology, Calculus, English Literature.
Shelton State Community College, Tuscaloosa AL.       1 2 Yr.  Working towards Marine Biology Degree/Computer Science minor.  Studies included Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Calculus, History, English Literature, Computer Science (Fortran, Pascal, C++).
Other Education:
PADI Open Water DIVER Certification - issued at Pleasure Island Dive Center - Gulf Shores, AL.  1984.
SINGLE ENGINE - LAND Private Pilots License ~ 40 hrs. Of Training and Flight Time at Jack Edwards Airport, Gulf Shores, AL. Written and Flight Exam taken at Ferguson Airport, Pensacola, FL 1987.
USING AND MANAGING MySQL – 40 hours of class time in Nashville, Tennessee taught by an SQL instructor and technical support person, Matt Moore. March 2004  

Employment History:

United States Army – 1987 til 1989 - Co-Pilot and aerial observer on an OH-58 (Bell JetRanger) helicopter.
Back to School – Various Schools (see above) - 1989 til Jan. 1992
Residential Designs, Montgomery, AL. - Jan. 1992 til July 1993 - Duties included setup and instruction on use of AutoCAD drafting software, computers, and plotter.  As well as drafting home plans with AutoCAD. Wrote a heat loss and gain calculation program to assist us on the Heating and air portions of our blueprints.
Eirenes Design Studio, Gulf Shores, AL. - July 1993 til Dec. 1993 - Duties included setup, learn and instruct on SoftPLAN home design software, computers and plotter.
Alabama Coastal Vacations, Gulf Shores, AL. - Dec. 1993 til June 1994 - Wrote custom reservation program to handle the rentals on individually owned vacation properties.  The program assisted in booking reservations by showing which units were available for a given set of dates, and operated on a (LANtastic) local area network.  Designed and implemented the program as well as wrote my own file sharing and handling routines.  Worked part time as a reservationist after the program was completed.
Suncoast Realty, Gulf Shores, AL. - June 1994 til Dec. 1994 - Systems Administrator on a 5 station Novell NetWare Light local area network and Reservations.  Duties included repairing and maintaining all computers on the system, taking reservations and handling some of the owner accounting.  Left to take the job of programmer/technical support with Entech Data Systems who makes the rental software we used at Suncoast.
Entech Data Systems, Gulf Breeze, FL - Dec. 1994 til May 1996 - Programming and Technical Support.  Duties included updating all code from Pascal version 3.3 to Turbo Pascal version 7.0.  Program was 145,000 lines of code.  Handled technical support including support on Entech Rental Software, Work Order Tracker, Association Management Software, as well as support of Novell, LANtastic, and Windows for Workgroups networks and stand-alone systems running DOS, Windows 3.1, Windows for Workgroups, and Windows 95.  Also created web pages for some of our clients.
Anchor Management, Gulf Shores, AL. - Jan. 1997 til March 1998 - Accounts Manager - Part Time.  Duties include owner accounting, escrow management, lodging taxes, computer maintenance and network administration.  Still operated my business Horizon Systems.
Anchor Management, Gulf Shores, AL - March 1998 til July 1998 - General Manager - Full time.  Duties include all duties as accounts manager plus owner relations, all accounting functions such as accounts payable and receivables, all guest complaints, employees, advertising, etc.  Still operated Horizon Systems on a much more limited basis.  .
Self Employed as Horizon Systems - May 1996 to August 1998  - Services include: Custom Built Computers, Computer Repair, Programming, Network design, setup, troubleshooting and repair, Internet Page Designs, Brochures and flyers including camera ready work for commercial printing using 4 Color process.
Agricomm, Mount Olive, MS – August 1998 til August 1999 - Partner - Contracted by poultry farm owners to install, set up and train computer-based remote monitoring of controls to life support and climate systems for confined livestock.  Agricomm was an agricultural communications company
Computing Solutions, Gulf Shores, AL – September 1999 til November 2001 – Technician – Full time.  I repaired computers and networks in the shop and on location.
The Company Software - November 2000 til Present – This company was created to manage the sales and support of a reservations program I started writing in April of 2000.
Timber Tops, LLC, Pigeon Forge, TN – January 2002 til December 31, 2005 – Director of  Information Technology - Full time.  Managing a 75-user network with 3 offices for a 350-unit overnight vacation rental company.  Maintaining and “growing’ the network by enlarging the 2nd location and adding the 3rd location.  Set up centralized database for reservation system.  Make custom changes to the software on an as needed basis.  Responsible for Merlin Magix Phone system, 8 servers, email server, web server hosting 42 web sites with on-line reservations.  I provide 24/7 technical support to 125 company employees for hardware support, in addition to the program support. In October 2005, I gave them a three month notice that I would be pursuing the software business full-time as of January 2006.

Programs I have written with Delphi:

Carry-Out-Cab: Written for Barba Foods, Inc. d/b/a Pleasure Island Carry-Out-Cab, Gulf Shores AL, a business that delivers food from virtually every restaurant in the area.  Program handles all order taking for each restaurant including on screen menus showing the restaurants food items including all sub-items and additional cost items.  Orders are then processed by a dispatcher and coordinator who handle actually placing the orders with the restaurants and schedule a driver to pick up, deliver, and collect payment for the items.  Daily functions such as driver closet out, daily balance sheet, refund report, Order statistics are also handled.  Program handles restaurant payables, and payroll functions using the built in time clock for use of the office employees.
DirtCalc:  Used to calculate cubic area of dirt within a given set of parameters.  Also calculates (using compaction factors) number of truckloads, based on truck size, and also cost-per-load.
ImagePrinter:  Manipulates Adobe Photoshop to batch rotate, mirror, print, and etc. multiple images in a series.  This was written for a T-Shirt vendor who used it to print iron-on transfers with great success.
BookSales: Written for American Library Sales, Kenner LA a business that sells books to schools and libraries.  Program functions include recording book information (Title, Author, ISBN, etc) as well as a picture of the book cover.  Using a weighting system on the books the salesperson can quickly build a list of the books he wishes to show the client.  Using this list the client previews the books picking which ones they wish to order by entering a quantity.  Users can quickly view other titles by the author, performer (audio books), or other titles in that series.  Orders can then be printed.
The owner of this program contacted me in the fall of 2005 and I was contracted to update this program with MySQL as a database.
WinHVAC: Windows version of the HVAC program written for Residential Designs.  Program handles heat loss and gain calculations for residential type homes.  Figures total heat loss and gain for building, vent sizes for each room, duct sizes to supply the vent, trunk size to supply all ducts, A/C tonnage, and return air size.  Exports data to a text file which can then be pulled into AutoCAD to fill out a pre-drawn Manual J form.  Also will print a manual J style report on plain paper.
MarineParts:  This was written to convert a marine parts CSV text file catalog into a scalable, searchable, displayable format.
TCSReservations:  This vacation rental management software program manages bookings, housekeeping, maintenance, escrow accounting, taxes, marketing analysis, and real-time online reservations, including an online credit card processing interface.  The Company Software (a sole proprietorship) sprang into being in the year 2000 to manage the sales and support for the reservations program.  The program was re-written in SQL (Version 5.0) for release in 2005, which was a monumental undertaking, but it made the program faster and slicker.
One reason the program is so efficient and user-friendly is because of the luxury of having a large company with huge databases on which to beta test the upgrades.  Also, TCS Reservations is a reflection of what real end-users have said they would like to see in the program.  I´ve written several utility programs that run outside of TCS Reservations ~ mostly to fix users bookkeeping errors.  Using a SQL server makes this application a fast and efficient option for companies with 10 to 2000+ units.
HousePro:  Some people needed the power of the housekeeping and maintenance portion of TCSReservations to stand alone as scheduling software for these types of events. They also needed something to track maintenance inventory and work orders. Ergo HousePro. One company who really appreciates this is the ResortQuest conglomerate in Northwest Florida.


Joey James
American Library Sales
Kenner, LA
Eirene August
Eirenes Design Studio
Gulf Shores, AL
Rick Burdick
Computing Solutions
Gulf Shores, AL

Victor Chavez
Shift4 Payment Solutions
Summerlin, NV
702.597.2480 ext. 43101
Braida Sharpe
C Sharpe Co.
Gulf Shores, AL
Ben Brychta
Tennessee Real Estate Education Systems
Chattanooga, TN

Money can't buy the testimony from my current end-users, who are very pleased to talk about it, if contacted.

Updated Fall 2008