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Click Here for awesome sunrise pictures
(yes, SUNRISE... we stayed up all night so we wouldn't miss it).

Click Here for a few more really cool Adventure in the Keys pics.

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SUNRISE ~ Saturday, September 18, 2004
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September 21 Sunset
921sunset 921sunset2 921sunset3 921sunset4 921sunset5 921sunset6 921sunset7 921sunset8 921sunset9

Sunset with the Westons
sunsetwiththewestons sunsetwiththewestons2 sunsetwiththewestons3

September 26 Morning Sky and Night Sky
morningsky926 nightsky926

Streaky Sunset
streakysunset streakysunset2 streakysunset3 streakysunset4 streakysunset5 streakysunset6 streakysunset7

September 27 Sunrise
927sunrise 927sunrise2 927sunrise3 927sunrise4 927sunrise5 927sunrise6 927sunrise7 927sunrise8 927sunrise9

This sunrise was a BONUS
due to being trapped in the Keys by Hurricane Jeanne for two extra days.

Click Here for a few more really cool pics, mostly of Southern Bouys.

Click Here to see the Ocean Wedding Pictures.

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